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The Energy of Love
The Energy of Love

I keep hearing all of this talk of “tree huggers” and “mamby pamby love crap” with people claiming that walking in love is for sissies, hippies, and/or the weak among us.

I hear things like “Strong people don’t just stand there or turn the other cheek! Now move your hugging circle aside and let me go kick some ass!”

One of the things that is seriously lacking in this ideology is that NOTHING harder than Love. This will be proven to you the next time someone cuts you off the road, receives a promotion over you, or at the end of a relationship. The easiest thing to do is to respond and retaliate. Love requires the strength of control.

Let’s break it down:

Love: a high vibrational field of energy; difficult to maintain and sustain, requires strength and effort. Physically and emotionally rejuvenating when accessed.
Fear/Hate: a low vibrational energy; easy to maintain and sustain, lazy with little or no effort. Exhaustive when produced.

Each moment in life we choose which energy to access.

Low energies (Fear/Hate) are based more on instinct, instead of intent. They reside in our primal nature. These energies are quick to multiply, sending signals to everyone around us that there is an eminent danger. It’s the energy that makes us flee without thought or examination when we sense trouble. It’s the same energy/instinct that makes us want to retaliate when threatened. Or in the most sublime cases, only realizing that you ate an entire bag of potato chips because the bag is empty. Low energies invoke actions before thoughts.

Higher energies (Love/Empathy) require thoughts before action. It is an override of our instincts and in to conscious thinking. This energy is reassuring; it dissipates confusion and elicits trust. It is seen in the person who is calm during the storm, giving direction to the fearful. In dire situations being able to maintain such a high energy automatically elevates someone to the elite status of “ Hero.” It is seen in the firefighter running into the burning building, or the parent stepping between danger and their child.

And it’s not just about you. Each vibrational action affects the field of energy in all that witness it. Have doubts? Think of a heart-warming video that you watched and how you felt as the “Hero” saved the day. Remember the smile, possibly the tear of joy that you shed, and the warm heart that you felt.

Now think of a time when you watched a video about cruelty or injustice and how that made you feel. Were you full of anger, rage, and thoughts of retaliation? If you’re human, probably.

Because energies are contagious.

Your happiness, as well as the happiness of those around you, depends on the energy you access. What are you spreading, and what are you catching?

In every story, it is the hero that embodies the higher energies, and the antagonist who perpetuates the lower. It takes true strength and courage to maintain restraint, and remain intentional. The hero remains calm while everyone else freaks out and runs for the hills. Only a few will be strong enough to stand in love when everyone else flees in fear.

Fear and hate are controlled by situations and surroundings. Love is true strength and power that stands resolute, regardless of the experience.

Fear is powerless, while Love inflicts true and meaningful change.

So, the next time someone tells you that love is a weakness, challenge them to try it! It would be interesting to see if they can….

We must decide to float, not sink.
We must decide to love, in spite of hate.
We must choose to be strong in peace, not weak in violence.
We must choose to be kind and serve, rather than remaining lazy in neglect.
Love is the true strength.
God is Love. Be more like God.


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